WATCH: Uncle Roger finally finds an “impressive” fried rice chef: Gordon Ramsay

If you’ve been following Uncle Roger, the alter-ego of Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, then you know how hard it is to meet his high standards for egg fried rice. Just ask BBC Food host Hersha Patel and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who, for Uncle Roger, committed crimes by making disgraceful versions of the quintessential Asian cuisine.

However, in his last review video, someone broke the streak and finally earned Uncle Roger’s stamp of approval, and it’s no other Gordon Ramsay.

In the appreciative video, which has clocked over 6.2 million views since posting, Uncle Roger points out every right thing the British chef does in his rendition of the egg fried rice: using leftover rice instead of watery, pasty rice; cooking with two woks (with a charred bottom at that) instead of a colander that Patel used; adding sambal and rending, which are authentic Indonesian ingredients, as opposed to Oliver’s chili paste knock-off; and not to mention tossing the rice excellently. If we’re going to be real, Gordon Ramsay ticks all the right boxes of every Asian cook out there.

Perhaps the only thing Gordon got wrong in Uncle Roger’s eyes is that he used a fork to taste his creation instead of a spoon. Still, top marks for Gordon for not reinventing the recipe!

And Gordon deserves no less. That’s because the footage Uncle Roger reacts to comes from an episode of his National Geographic program, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted, where he went to Indonesia to dive headfirst into the culture and learn firsthand how to cook proper nasi goreng, among other native dishes, from the locals who cook it as part of life.

And the best part? Gordon Ramsay acknowledged Uncle Roger’s approval, by leaving a comment in the latter’s reaction video:

Screenshot from YouTube: @mrnigelng

They continue the interaction on Twitter, with Gordon even throwing a quick jab at Jamie Oliver:

What we just need now is a collaboration in the kitchen between the two. Make it happen, Uncle Roger!


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