We need our comfort food in these pandemic times

Coming up with the perfect comfort food for everyone proved to be a tough undertaking. A simple Google search yielded thousands and thousands of different results from various cuisines, enough for us to muddle over a seemingly simple question: What is the perfect comfort food?

The right answer? Well, there is none. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that our comfort food reminds us of fond memories that we formed with the people closest to our hearts. One of the authors even said that our comfort food as adults often stemmed from our childhood, in which we most likely received it from the person who cooked the meal. This then draws a positive association that we would always correlate with the dish. Ultimately, the perfect comfort food is subjective, so we did what we could do best. We have rounded up the classic recipes of some child favorite meals in the hopes that it would bring back the same feelings of happiness.

For the ice-cream fans

ice cream comfort food

Although it has earned the reputation as a breakup comfort food as seen in countless TV shows and films, the dairy-based concoction is more than a sobbing adult’s companion. For people who wax nostalgic about their carefree childhood days, a scoop of chocolate ice cream may help in bringing back the good old days of afternoon strolls in the park, where manong sorbetero is always ready to give you two-tiered scoops in a cone.

For the cheese lovers

mac and cheese

A bowl of mac and cheese is one of the most child-friendly meals out there, as the macaroni are enveloped in thick, rich folds of velvety cheddar cheese. Carbs plus cheese? It was probably one of our first guilty pleasure meals.

For the milkshake aficionado

Milkshakes are reminiscent of those fast food burger runs we had with our family and friends. It was a blissful time when we chomped on greasy meat burgers and washed them down with thick, frothy milkshakes. The milkshake menu would not be complete without a tall glass of the sweet and tangy strawberry milkshake.


For the birthday girls and boys

Ah, birthday parties, the most quintessential kid event of all time. As children, we either dressed up as our favorite cartoon characters or donned little ball gowns like the Disney princesses. Whatever your choice of outfit was back then, every child looked forward to the ceremonious blowing of candles and cutting of the cake, so much so that we are called to round up the celebrator’s table. If you are missing the carefree and playful spirit that comes with kids’ birthday parties, go ahead and bake some fun-fetti cake for yourself.

While coming up with the best, perfect comfort food is out of the question, at least we all can still bond over common and shared childhood experiences. At the end of the day, our comfort food is unique to everyone. So, for you, what food evokes the best memories? What is your perfect comfort food?


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