We rank the 5 best Korean desserts you can buy in Manila!

From their drama shows, to their music, and their skin care routine, Filipinos go crazy for everything Korean. In fact, Korean food even found its way to charm our stomachs. But, it’s not just about samgyeopsal, kimchi, or Korean Fried Chicken — Pinoys are now going crazy over their desserts, too. Spend a few hours going through convenience stores and supermarkets in your neighborhood, you’ll see that there are lots of options to satisfy the Filipino sweet tooth.

Unsure where to start? Here’s a list of the best Korean desserts that you can buy from most convenience stores.

Melona Ice Cream


Try asking around for the best Korean desserts available in the Philippines — the answer will most probably be Melona. It might be because it is the most widely available and it can be found in most Korean groceries and supermarkets all over the country. But, there’s no denying that it is very hard to resist its fruity and creamy taste. Aside from the flagship melon flavor, Melona can also be enjoyed in banana, mango, coconut, and strawberry flavors.

Samanco Ice Cream


Nowadays, desserts not only need to be delicious, they also need to be unique and Instagram worthy. Inspired by the Bunnggeo pang, a pastry filled with red bean that is shaped like a fish, Samanco will swim its way into your heart. This ice cream sandwich is worth a try, as it is a vanilla ice cream wrapped in a waffle that is accented by different types of syrup. You can take your pick from chocolate, matcha, and strawberry.

Banana Milk / Strawberry Milk

banana milk

One gem that you can find among the amazing Korean food finds is this life changing banana milk. Koreans love it so much, that reports say that about 1 million bottles of banana milk are sold each day! Though it is just simply the combination of milk and banana, having a taste of it will leave you coming back for more. Feeling curious? Make the experience worth it by grabbing its sister, strawberry milk, as well.

Power Cap

power cap

Remember the ice candy or ice pop from your childhood days? Make that soda flavored and you have Power Cap! It is ideal for the days when you are feeling nostalgic or for the times when you are craving for some soda, ice cream, or both! Power Cap can deliver the flavor and the refreshment that you need and it is also spill-safe because of its tube packaging. Enjoy its fruity flavors and choose from banana, watermelon, and soda flavor.

Pangtoa Ice Cream


Imagine — soft and pillowy chiffon cakes. How do you make that better? Add ice cream! Pangtoa offers the perfect blend of velvety rich ice cream sandwiched by delicious cake. Take their pick among cookies and cream, choco chiffon, red velvet, and blueberry!

Once you get to try Korean desserts, be prepared to crave for them whenever you need something sweet. They can catch attention through their colorful packaging, but these treats can get people hooked on their simple flavors that hit just right. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to your favorite convenience store and grab these yummy desserts to brighten and cool up your warm day.

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