We’re going nuts for The Lost Bread’s new Coco Butternut Ice Cream

…as you should too!

The choco butternut craze is out of control but we’re certainly not complaining. So far, apart from the original choco butternut donuts, we’ve had choco butternut as loaves, cakes, and crinkles.

Now, it looks like we have a choco butternut-flavored ice cream too! Well, it’s technically called the Coco Butternut, and it’s brought to us by The Lost Bread, the famed dessert shop known for rolling out the wackiest yet yummiest ice cream flavors.


And it’s chock-full of choco butternut goodness, alright. Dig into rich chocolate ice cream topped with real donut chucks with a spoonful of their signature orange coconut sugar. Our mouths just watered while typing this.

The flavor comes in a pint-sized jar for PhP250, or a liter-sized tub for PhP450

And you better make your move quick: The Lost Bread only launched the new flavor to celebrate last Halloween, so expect it to be gone soon — by November 30 to be exact. Head to their webstore to order the limited-edition flavor and have it delivered to your doorstep. You can check their branch locations to see where the nearest delivery starting points are.

As a bonus, The Lost Bread is also holding a Buy 1, Take 1 promotion on all their pint-sized treats this November 11. 

This surely isn’t the first time ice cream lovers have heard of The Lost Bread. They’re responsible for unique flavors such as champorado, banana cue, and espasol ice cream. They also turned our favorite childhood treats into cold desserts with their Haw-Haw Milk Candy-flavored ice cream, Peter’s Butter Ball Caramel-flavored ice cream, and Chocnut-flavored ice cream.

(images from The Lost Bread’s website) 

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