What’s a Paleo Diet and why do you need to make the big switch

Start your healthy dieting journey with Paleo Manila!

Keeping yourself healthy and fit might be your 2021 mantra but it may not always be as easy as you think it can be. For one, having a healthier lifestyle is an everyday decision. You should also be committed to exercising daily. And, you have to ensure that what you eat is nutritious and balanced. More than a normal diet, people who are into healthy living are always on the lookout for healthier options like daily meal plans. Fortunately, there are meal plan delivery services that are available even while we are in quarantine and one of them is Paleo Manila. 

Paleo Manila is the first door-to-door meal plan delivery service that started in 2014. Since then, the brand has delivered hundreds to thousands of healthy meal plans to Filipinos who have made the big switch to Paleo Diet.

What is Paleo Diet, you say?

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Paleo Diet means going back to what we are genetically made to eat, sans the preservatives and other additives. At Paleo Manila, a sustainable, balanced diet is promoted to ensure that you don’t starve your body and instead, fix the problems from within. All meals are made from scratch and are created thoughtfully and carefully by Paleo Manila’s team of health experts. 

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Healthy living starts with quality food. Paleo Manila will not give you food that could harm you as the meals are soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, and all-natural. Think of a diet that cuts out the grains, processed foods, and dairy, and we’re only left with natural ingredients.

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So how do you order? 

Visit https://www.nuthera.ph/collections/paleomanila and choose the meal plan you want to try. They have 5,3, and 2 meals/day plans which you can choose from. In the form, you can select the meal size, program duration including the start and finish date of your meal plan, as well as the quantity. Also, you have to input your contact information. After submitting the order form, you can choose your payment option (Pay via Credit Card or Cash/OTC or Online Bank Transfer to BDO). You will be asked to send proof of payment. Once you’re set, expect your week’s delivery for the period you ordered. 

Photo from Paleo Manila

To know more about Paleo Manila, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as their website at https://www.nuthera.ph/. And don’t forget to watch out for exclusive promos from Paleo Manila only here at FreebieMNL!

Photo from Paleo Manila


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