While the health benefits of Yakult make it a must-drink, we can’t deny that we Filipinos love it for the taste alone. Aside from drinking this as it is, you can buy a lot of drinks out there that have this as an ingredient!

But isn’t it annoying that they come in so little bottles? You can easily finish a whole pack containing five of these in one sitting! While the bottle is cute and iconic, there must be a more convenient way for us to consume more of this in one go. 

Which is why this 500-ml Yakult bottle is a godsend. 

You can now get your 500-ml fill of Yakult by ordering from Tokyo Market Philippines. You no longer have to pierce open five mini Yakults in one sitting because you can chug this bottle instead. 

You also don’t have to worry about contamination with this one. The reason why Yakult bottles are so small is that they have to be consumed in one sitting since it’s prone to contamination. This is why the 500-ml version of it has a slightly different ingredient list –  to avoid contamination worries. This version of Yakult is not formulated with the L. casei strain.

To get your 500-ml Yakult, order from Tokyo Market Philippines. They also have yummy snacks to go along with your Yakult drink. 

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