Why Kondwi Should Be Your Next Poblacion Destination

Kondwi is one of the latest additions to Poblacion. This isn’t your usual restaurant with simple food and drinks, however, because the inside is littered with art pieces you can admire and purchase. Kondwi is not just a dining space, it’s also a gallery and performance space.

Looking for a reason to go and visit Kondwi? Here’s a list of what we love in this new Poblacion destination!

The Exhibit Spaces 

IMG 2469
Image from Kondwi

Kondwi does not only have one exhibit space: it has three! Two floors and an open space is dedicated to artworks and installations by some of the finest artists working in the country today. Gorgeous and awe-inspiring, visiting Kondwi is always a guaranteed delight for the visual senses.

Pork Sinigang – on a stick!

IMG 2470 1 2102211931 1583476531345
Image from Kondwi

You read that right. While the sinigang we know is always served in a bowl, Kondwi’s is skewered on a stick. The char-grilled pork still keeps the flavor of sinigang soup, and kangkong and radish are combined with the meat to better mimic the original sinigang. This classic dish doesn’t get any more modern than this!

Chicken Liver Mousse 

IMG 2471 2
Image from Kondwi

Chicken Liver may not sound appetizing for some, but Kondwi’s Chicken Liver Mousse is so beautiful that even haters will love it. Served with sourdough toast, you can spread the Chicken Liver Mousse on it and snack to your heart’s content. 

Tomato Medley 

IMG 2472
Image from Kondwi

Simply put, this is Kondwi’s take on tomato salad. Don’t let the simplicity of the dish fool you, because Kondwi plays with the tomato as an ingredient and serves it in different forms – diced, grilled, pickled, and more! 

The Cocktails

IMG 2473
Image from Kondwi

After you have gotten your fill of Kondwi’s food, finish the meal off with their selection of cocktails. Take your pick from their unique drinks: Green Sky, Ugo Spritz, Kondwi Sour, and Viking Paloma. 

Kondwi is definitely something you should experience for yourself – be it the place itself, or its menu selections. Next time you visit Poblacion, you know where you’re going to first!

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