FreebieMNL - Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Sushi

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Sushi

Listen, we know sushi is as delicious as it looks. It’s also convenient and healthy, which makes it a perfect snack or meal for any time of the day.

FreebieMNL - Why You Shouldn’t Eat Too Much Sushi
Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that eating too much raw fish can actually make you sick in many different ways. Throw caution to the wind and read on to find out what can happen if you consume too much of the Japanese delicacy.

  1. You could get worms

This one’s not new, but eating sushi and other raw fish on a regular basis (we’re talking like, every day) can actually cause the growth of tapeworms in your body. Raw and undercooked seafood that haven’t been adequately frozen can carry parasites that can unfortunately make its way into your intestines.

riccardo bergamini O2yNzXdqOu0 unsplash
Photo by Riccardo Bergamini on Unsplash

While extremely rare, tapeworm cases have been reported for about 2,000 sushi lovers over the years. In 2016, a Singaporean man passed a 9ft. tapeworm after years of eating sashimi. Similarly, in 2018, a man in Fresno, California pulled out a 5 ½ft. tapeworm from his body and confessed to eating raw salmon every day.

2. You could get mercury poisoning

Yes, it’s possible! High-mercury fish, or fish with high levels of mercury, include tuna, mackerel, yellowtail, swordfish, and sea bass — all of which are popular seafood used for sushi and sashimi.

caroline attwood kC9KUtSiflw unsplash
Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

While it’s perfectly fine to eat these fish once in a while, consuming them more than six times a week can damage your central nervous system and, at the least, cause sleep disturbance, headache, fatigue, difficulty with memory and concentration, poor coordination and neuropathy. At the most, it can cause blindness, deafness, and “impaired consciousness.”

It’s important to note that these consequences don’t come from the occasional take-out; it’s from constantly, regularly, and solely eating raw seafood. When eaten in moderation, sushi and sashimi is actually beneficial for you.

So the bottom line is: don’t overdo it. Sushi is good, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you’re eating. Always be careful and make sure you’re eating at clean, safe places!

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