Wine and Its Benefits for Your Body

Wine is more than just an alcoholic beverage — it’s actually the secret to longer life. Many studies have shown that regularly drinking wine can bring on a wide array of health benefits for you and your body.

While this isn’t a green light for you to chug a whole bottle down every day, it is an affirmative nudge to say that yes, you can have a glass of wine with that meal. Read on to find out what wine can do for your body. 

Heart health

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Red wine is full of antioxidants like polyphenols that help protect the lining of the blood vessels in the heart, which can prevent unwanted clotting. Furthermore, red wine has also been known to lower bad cholesterol, potentially saving you from a trip to the hospital in the future.


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Wine has been found to reduce risks of life-threatening cancers like colon, breast, ovarian, and prostrate. Researchers who have experimented with cancer cells concluded that wine can actually block off cancer-causing protein and save you from the disease.



As stated, wine is full of beneficial antioxidants; one of them is resveratrol. There is evidence that shows that resveratrol helps with short-term memory, as researchers have found that those who have been taking the antioxidant showed faster performance in forming new memories, learning, and emotions.

There is also a connection between resveratrol and the reduced risk of an individual developing dementia or Alzheimer’s.


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Again, resveratrol, found in the grape skin and grape juice, is an important component of red wine. When consumed, resveratrol actually increases the activity of proteins called sirtuins. These proteins fight off diseases of aging, leading to a healthier and longer life.


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Aside from physical benefits, wine also has positive mental effects. Various studies have shown that those who drink a couple glasses of wine a day are less likely to develop depression.

Other benefits

Other benefits of drinking wine include better eye health, stronger teeth, lower risk of diabetes, and weight regulation. Wine can even treat symptoms of the common cold and strengthen your bones!

In short, drinking wine can pretty much do anything for your body. Remember not to overdo it and drink in moderation. Keep a healthy lifestyle and take it slow — your body will definitely thank you for it!


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