You Can Now Get A Box Full Of Chocolate-filled Cornetto Cone Tips

Love the last bite of your Cornetto ice cream cones? If you’re one of the people who think that the best part of these frozen desserts are their tips, then Cornetto’s boxes full of just chocolate-filled cone tips are a dream come true for you!

You Can Now Get A Box Full Of Chocolate-filled Cornetto Cone Tips

Photos: Wall’s UK, Instagram/cornetto

These bite-sized treats were recently launched by Wall’s and are now available in the United Kingdom for £3 a pack. Each box contains 5 cone tips that measure around six to seven centimeters each, so they’d probably be gone in just one sitting.

It also seems like the ice cream company has been planning this release for quite a while now–back in 2019, Cornetto on Instagram shared a photo with two cone tips and said, “Let’s admit it, the best part of Cornetto is the tip!”

Some big Cornetto fans were thrilled at this new release, while some said that they would rather stick to a good ol’ cone since they found the price quite expensive. One review also highlighted the fact that the chocolate inside the cone tips was just made of “compound chocolate,” a.k.a. not real chocolate.

Another review said, “5 for £3 is a bit pricey, when you could buy a pack of 5 Cornettos for £1 and eat the tips of them!”

Is it a yay or nay for these Cornetto Tips?

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