You can now make your own “iskrambol” at home thanks to this Instagram store

Image from Instagram:

From the online business that brought us do-it-yourself versions of our favorite street fares like taho, fish balls, and gulaman, comes their newest itinerary on everyone’s nostalgia trip: ice scramble. 

That’s right — AVENIDA Pedestrian Delights, or on Instagram, sells DIY scramble or “iskrambol” kits so you can enjoy the sweet concoction within the comforts of your home.

They provide the main ingredient, the candy-pink “iskrambol” syrup, plus a few toppings like their special drizzle sauce and mini marshmallows. Though, of course, you’re welcome to put more as you please! Chuck all the sweet toppings you want in a cup and satisfy the inner child in you.

That’s because they sell the syrup in a huge — and we mean HUGE — one-gallon container. To be specific, a gallon of their iskrambol syrup can make up to 35 twelve-ounce cups, which means no one can judge you for having more than one.

The syrup also comes in a family-friendly one-liter container. The smaller size goes for PhP300, while the larger one is worth PhP1,000. To order, just follow this link posted on their Instagram account.


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