You Can Order Potato Corner Fries Soon via Drive Thru!

Aside from its good fries, Potato Corner is known for its many carts and kiosks all over the country. While there are bigger Potato Corner stores out there with their own dining area, there are few and far between. 

But now with the current pandemic, The store just thought of a better way to serve its customer. For those hesitant to go outside, they no longer have to rely on food delivery services because Potato Corner is officially opening its Drive-Thru branch. 

Two Drive-Thru stores are set to open this February – one will be located at SEAOIL gas station along Congressional Avenue and the other at Caltex gas station at E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue. Now, you can order your classic favorites – cheese, barbecue, and sour cream fries – to newer additions to the menu like the adobo fries.

While both are in Quezon City, it’s only the beginning of 2022 so there might be more stores like this in the future. Considering our current situation with the pandemic, it’s certainly not out of the question for more Potato Corner Drive-Thru branches. 

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Art Macky Arquilla


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