Your guide to coffee delivery services in Metro Manila

With the NCR transitioning out of lock down and back to the “new normal” there are small luxuries that we seem to have taken for granted. One such activity is enjoying a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop. With social distancing in place, people-watching while nursing a hot cup may be something of a romantic past.

mellowers latte art
Mastering latte art takes months of practice and patience

Which is why during the metro-wide ECQ, a Facebook group called Coffee Home Brewers decided to pool together their collective knowledge of coffee delivery services around the greater Metro Manila area.

You can access the Google Document here:

The document contains information on coffee bean sellers as far as Laguna and Balintawak. As of this writing, there are more than 70 listed coffee bean suppliers. Because many of them are also roasters, you can customize your roast (from strong, dark barako to the more “blonde” flavorful ones) with the knowledge that your beans are fresh. The list also contains flavor profiles of beans and the option to have it whole or ground. Some even sell green beans for roasting at home over fire.

The rule of thumb with having fresh beans delivered is to store away from the sun, with its most ideal consumption date being after 4 to 5 days from roasting: so let’s say you bought beans roasted on a Monday, it’s best to wait till Thursday or Friday to consume the beans as they’re still degassing — beans that are too fresh won’t taste good.

coffee home brewers

The group, founded by Ros Juan of Commune, brings together coffee enthusiasts — from the curiously caffeinated, to home brewers, baristas and coffee shop owners. But wait — you may ask — this group might be filled with coffee snobs. They might laugh at my instant coffee! You’ll be glad to know that its members are very welcoming, with the sole goal of educating others about brewing coffee at home and upgrading the coffee experience. They even organize Facebook Live brewing sessions!

Again, this is the new normal — taking the coffee experience from the shop to the home may be the (only) way to go in the next few months or so. Because curbside pickups for an 8oz cup might sound like too much work, home brewing can definitely become your next hobby, which in itself is one deep rabbit-hole. Stay caffeinated!


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