5 Relaxing DIY Activities for the Spa at Home Experience

In your mind, body, and heart, it’s best to stay well in all aspects. Everyone deserves a break from all the stress happening around the world – it’s time to treat yo ‘self! Make do with what you have and try out these DIY remedies for relaxation.

Try an ice cube facial

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Keeping cool with ice has more benefits than you think. Ice facials have been tried and tested by makeup artists and celebrity facialists all around the world. If puffiness, large pores, inflammation, and breakouts are causing your skin havoc, then you should definitely try this out! Pro tip: Follow it up with a gentle face massage to help with blood circulation.

Soothe with epsom salt

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Strenuous activities leave your muscles exhausted. Create a solution of epson salt with warm water onto a large basin for your very own hand and foot spa. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils can help soothe and soften skin as well. 

Create your own body scrub

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Got dull and dry skin? Whip up your own scrub with ingredients straight out of the kitchen! Honey and sugar body scrubs can eliminate dead skin cells, resulting in a brighter complexion. If you’re on the drier side, an oatmeal mask helps soothe and smoothen too!

Meditate with aromatherapy

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Light up a scented candle or incense to elevate your meditation session! Infusing aromatherapy helps stimulate a better mood, reducing stress and anxiety. 

Release tension with a massage

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Eliminate stress and physical tension by relieving your body with a massage. All you’ll need are healing oils, massage tools for hard-to-reach areas, and relaxing music to get into the zone. 

Hop onto the self-love train with these DIY activities and feel at ease!

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