8 Clever TikTok Gems That Recently Came Out

Staying inside doesn’t mean you can’t think outside of the box! These TikTok trends have creatives itching to turn it up and the result is brilliant. Here are some of our TikTok picks! 

Wipe it Down

Screenshot from TikTok

These TikTokers clean up real good! Even Will Smith is in on the fun with this blast from the Men in Black past. 

Beyonce Ego Run


TikTok’s most talented singers are reviving Beyonce’s smash hit, Ego by taking up this challenge. Watch how they hit those ridiculously precise runs! Skill level: Just like Queen Bey. 

Thrift Flip

Screenshot from TikTok

Get your sewing kits because it’s time to get thrifty! The geniuses of TikTok are transforming your dad’s old polo shirts and vintage dresses into tailored perfection. We love a creative and sustainable look! 

Home Photo Shoot

Screenshot from TikTok

The world is your picture perfect oyster. Level up your ‘gram game with these clever photography tips and tricks. Start your home studio shoot today! 

Hand Wash Tunes

Screenshot from TikTok

Health authorities recommend washing your hands to “Happy Birthday” twice – but these TikTokers prove that the list of songs doesn’t stop there. Check out Jed Madela belting his singing chops to Disney classic, A Whole New World! 

Chef Battle 

Screenshot from TikTok

Is the quarantine bringing out your inner chef? Well, these home chefs have something to say. Join the #ChefBattle Challenge and showcase your best Filipino dishes. Prizes are up for grabs too! 

Met Gala Tribute

Screenshot from TikTok

Fashion’s biggest annual event has been cancelled for everyone’s safety – but who says you can’t serve some looks? Watch these fashionistas pay tribute to their favorite Met Gala looks at home! 

Level Up – Pet Edition

Screenshot from TikTok

Looking for a way to entertain and exercise your fur buddies? Here’s the purr-fect pet obstacle! 

Did we miss anything? Share your favorite TikTok craze to us today!

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