Vlogger Adam Alejo Reaches 1-Million-Peso Target For Pediatric Cancer Patients

“Huwag natin tapusin dito ang #OneWithTheKids, habang-buhay na ‘to, kahit mamatay kami.”

YouTube content creator and vlogger Adam Alejo has successfully finished his “30 Days Inside A QR Box” challenge. Such is Alejo’s attempt to raise 1,000,000 pesos for pediatric cancer patients.

Adam Alejo

The project commenced on February 15, 2023 as Alejo’s commitment to a bigger cause, #OneWithTheKids. As documented on the vlogger’s official YouTube page, Alejo takes on the challenge of isolating himself inside of a QR Box while he travels to different parts of the Philippines for 30 days. 

The expected funds would go directly to Bahay Aruga, a non-governmental organization that functions as a decade-long shelter for young cancer patients and their parents who are seeking treatment at the nearby Philippine General Hospital. 

Among the list of parties that have donated are fellow content creators including Ninong Ry, who pledged to contribute a total of P100,000.

On the 10th day, the donations had already reached around P200,000 as reported by Alejo’s manager in a press release. By March 12, the team had managed to hit the P950,000 benchmark. 

According to Alejo’s announcement a month ago, one of the challenge premises is for the “rightful one” to let Alejo out on the 30th day by opening the box with a golden key. As it turns out, he was freed by one of Bahay Aruga’s former residents, a Leukemia survivor named Yosa. 

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The final donations have reached around P1,587,502 in total, but only the promised P1 million amount would go to the foundation. The excess numbers are to be allocated to like-minded organizations in Visayas and Mindanao.

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In the culmination of Alejo’s successful challenge, he pledged his life-long commitment of upholding his goal to help not only the pediatric cancer patients but also children suffering from abuse and oppression. 

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