3 Common Misconceptions About Minimalism

Minimalism is becoming more prevalent as people are doing away with material items and living intentionally. There aren’t rigid rules when it comes to this lifestyle, and in fact, it looks different for everybody. Before you completely dismiss the idea, let’s tackle common misconceptions about minimalism.

You need to let go of everything you own

When people think about minimalism, they often associate it with decluttering and getting rid of a lot of their possessions. While you do need to part ways with some of your items, it’s usually with things that don’t serve you anymore. Tidying consultant Marie Kondo has a great way of going about this, asking whether something still sparks joy.

3 Common Misconceptions About Minimalism
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You need to be frugal

Most people find that they become mindful spenders once they transition into minimalism and that’s probably because they aren’t buying unnecessary items anymore. But that doesn’t mean you should only purchase the cheapest things. Keep in mind that high-quality items often cost more upfront but last longer. How you spend your money will depend on your priorities and what you value.

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You need to dress monochromatically

Having a capsule wardrobe removes decision fatigue when putting together an outfit, but it isn’t a hard rule that all your clothes need to be black, white, or gray. Some people take pride in owning only 7 shirts, but you don’t need to have an exact number of clothing items, either. Wearing bold colors won’t make you less of a minimalist. Continue dressing however you want to.

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Minimalism is not about what you have or don’t have. It’s a personal journey to simplifying your life and isn’t just a trend on the internet. As the Minimalists put it, it focuses on “being someone who returns to the natural order, to the default state of thriving with less.”

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