4 YouTube Channels That Make Studying World History Fun

History as a subject has a reputation for being boring. It’s one of those classes that not a lot of people enjoy especially since most teachers require students to memorize so many details about stuff they simply do not care. 

But the problem with history classes isn’t the subject matter itself, it’s just that the way it’s taught and approached is sometimes lacking. If you see past all the dates and names you have to memorize to pass exams, you’ll find that historical events can be more interesting than fiction. 

If you want to see exactly how history can be fun, there are YouTube channels out there that do the hard work of researching so that they can present it to you in a more digestible manner. From animations to documentary-style videos, you’ll enjoy learning about the past a bit more. 


True to its channel name, Oversimplified oversimplifies historical events with the help of his funny animations. Even if you’re learning about wars or revolutions, it’ll feel like you’re simply watching a cartoon.

Weird History

The past can be a weird time – what’s normal to people then can be unbelievable for us. And this is exactly what the Weird History channel focuses on. Their short videos give a glimpse into day to day life in the past and while this is interesting enough as it is, the narrator adds a humorous touch to every topic. 

Absolute History

Absolute History not only talks about life in the past but also tries to recreate what living in the past was like! Their videos may be longer but they will give an in depth look into the life and struggles of people who lived hundreds of years ago. 

Simple History

Similar to Oversimplified, Simple History talks about history with the aid of animations. However, Simple History’s videos talk about isolated incidents that make up big events in history. Their short videos will definitely give you historical fun facts that a lot of people haven’t heard about. 

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Photo from Oversimplified

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