5 Flowers for Valentine’s Day and their Meanings

Are you the crush ng bayan? Ready to prep your dining table with all the flowers and teddy bears you’ll receive this February?

Or are you sawi and sawa? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride?

Get ready for Valentine’s Day this year with our guide on popular flowers and their hidden meanings!


Image from Pixabay

Sometimes, subtlety isn’t the way to go! If you give or receive roses this Valentine’s, the giftgiver might as well write it out on the card – “I love you! Be mine!.” This is a surefire way to make a statement. If you’re in the mood for courage and honesty, this should be the bouquet you buy this season. 


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The name is there, right? It’s essentially telling the receiver that he or she bring light and joy to the world. If you plan to tell someone how they’ve put warm smiles into each other’s lives, this flower pick is the way to go. 


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Lilies, for their daintiness and graceful look, symbolize humility, purity, and devotion. It’s one of the few flowers out there that can work for lovers, as well as friends and family members. This is a great choice if you want to keep it safe but meaningful. 


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Low maintenance and very accessible, succulents are popular because they can bring life to any environment. They’re perfect for sprucing up everything from your windowsill to your office desk. Succulents are for the people in your life that are happy to do their best in any situation.


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Image by Pixabay

Tulips are famous for growing in the beautiful fields of Holland. Giving someone tulips might send the message that you want to explore and travel the world with your lucky recipient!

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