5 Fuss-Free Tips for Bouquet Beginners

From budding and full bloom couples to a simple gesture of thanks, flowers are certainly a classic choice, standing the test of time. With a wide array of delicate and grand options to choose from, selecting a bouquet can be challenging for first-timers. Here are five fuss-free tips to help you prepare for the perfect bouquet just in time for the season of love!

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Tip 1: Getting to know the lucky lover

When it comes to the romantic side, roses are top-of-mind. I’ve got to say, picking flowers reflecting your partner’s personality adds just a tad more thought into it. It helps to ask: Are they more grandiose or minimalist in style? Do they stick with classics or prefer to step out of the box? Details speak louder than you think.

Tip 2: Taking your gesture to the next level

Let’s have a heart to heart – what exactly are you trying to express with the bouquet you have in mind? Are you someone who’s professing their love for the first time or wanting to take things to the next step? Whichever it may be, the thought especially counts!

Tip 3: Phone-a-friend

Already feeling clueless on where to start? Go ahead and let a friend tag along! Two or more heads can surely ease the tension of decision making. Letting friends who have a knack for style and can keep things light can make the process ten times more enjoyable!

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to mix and match

Who says red and orange tones paired with black can’t be chic? Playing around with matching various flower types, color combinations, and arrangement styles are half the fun! When in doubt with what you think works or not, don’t hesitate to consult with a pro. It not only makes the process of creating easier but you get to learn professional advice along the way.


Bouquet in Fiery Blooms

Tip 5: Step outside of the box

You may not know it, but bouquets now come in different shapes and sizes! Keen on keeping things sleek without fussing with a vase later on? It’s time you meet a couple of lovely box options. 


Rose Crystal Box

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Rose Jewelry Box

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Amore Box

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