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5 Pets for 5 Different Kinds of People

It’s safe to say that your choice of animal as a pet definitely says something about you as a person. While a vast majority of pet owners are dog and cat owners, there are other people who are more interested in birds, reptiles, and rodents.

If you’re looking for a little clarity on what you pet says about your personality, keep reading!


We all know a good dog-lover to be outgoing, friendly, and optimistic, just like their best pals. While different dog breeds hold different personalities, dog owners are most likely to be energetic, assertive, and more self-confident than other pet owners.

5 Pets for 5 Different Kinds of People
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Furthermore, dog owners are more likely to be social and live in a family setting; this is because dogs are notably more social creatures that like to meet other animals and humans, as opposed to their animal counterparts.


Cat owners are said to be more introverted and neurotic, and may even be more on the intellectual side. Because cats require less attention than dogs, many cat owners spend time on work and tasks with their furry friend idly sitting by.

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Cats are more independent than dogs and don’t usually like it when you fuss over them too much. In comparison, cat owners are the same in that they most likely prefer solitude, and are more likely to live alone in apartments and condos (though this can also be attributed to the fact that most condos prefer cats over dogs because they are less disruptive).  


Those with reptiles, such as snakes, lizards, turtles, and geckos, are known to be a bit more on the edgy side since their choice of animal is one that some people would flinch at. Reptile owners are unconventional and bold, much like their scaly friends, and are comparably more relaxed and reserved than other owners.

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If you’re planning to get a reptile, understand that like you, each type of reptile is very unique and comes with special needs. Make sure you take the time to understand your reptile pal as you would want someone to understand you!


Compared to other types of owners, bird owners are more likely to be polite and caring. If you’re a female bird owner, you’re more likely to be socially dominant; most bird owners are also socially outgoing and expressive, which may come from the friendly nature of certain birds.

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Like reptiles, birds are also very unique and have their own specific guidelines for care. If you’re planning to get a bird, research well to find one that suits you.


Lovers of hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and rats are surprisingly more likely to have an advanced degree. These cute pets are gentle and small and relatively easier to care for than bigger mammals. As such, bird owners are more likely to have more time to study and focus on other duties.

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Whatever the animal, we know that pet owners vary from person to person. Whether you’re a cat person or a bird person, we know you love your animal companion!

All information taken from an infographic taken on Easelly.


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