5 Things You Can Do With Leftover Soju Bottles

That long weekend filled with soju bottles doesn’t necessarily have to be a waste. You’d be surprised — there are actually many ways to extend the life of your little green bottle.

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Photo from Mashed

With just a quick look through this article, you’ll have a couple new ideas to style and design your soju bottle around the house. Let’s have a look!

Candle holder

Did you know you could repurpose your soju bottle into a candle holder? All you have to do is (carefully) cut off the bottle neck with a glass cutter, sand down the rough edges, and get to pouring! It’s a perfect way to bring a pop of color and sense of relaxation into your room. Bonus points if your candle scent matches the soju flavor.

Flower vase

Soju bottle vases
Photo by Lilian Mar

This idea’s not new, but definitely doable. You can use your soju bottle as a flower vase by filling the base with water and placing your choice of flowers inside. It’s a super simple and easy way to spruce up your room. Place a line of soju vases by your window and marvel at all the different lights you’ll see throughout the day.

Soju cups

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Photo by Shelby Chacon

Similar to the candle holder, you could also cut the necks off soju bottles and use them as novelty cups for guests. Be sure to use a glass cutter and to smooth out the edges before using. They’ll be a perfect new edition to your glassware collection.

Mini lamp

Get imaginative and create a makeshift mini soju bottle lamp! Just grab a couple fairy lights, or any battery-operated lights, and place them inside the bottle for a magical night indoors. The lights will bring out a soft, green color around your room, perfect for relaxing nights in or for when you have guests over!

Spray bottle or soap dispenser

A recycled Soju bottle turned into a spray bottle.
Photo by Zen Kimchi

Give your bathroom a bit of an edge by fashioning your soju bottles to become soap dispensers or spray bottles. You only need to find a spray nozzle or pump that fits the bottle and then you can start filling it up with whatever you please. As with the candle holder, you could try and find a soap scent that matches your soju flavor.

So next time, think twice before you throw out those iconic green bottles. They can live a longer life than you think!

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