5 Things You Can Do With Old Nail Polish

We’ve all got a tray or two of super old nail polish lying around somewhere. From all kinds of brands and a rainbow of different kinds of colors, nail polish makes our lives brighter and more colorful with every new coat.

While we can’t use old ones on our nails anymore, we can, however, repurpose them for other creative needs. Check it out!

Color-code your keys

5 Things You Can Do With Old Nail Polish
Photo from Jewel Pie

Never mix up your keys again with this fun, crafty trick. You can try to paint solid colors or patterns onto your keys of choice for a dazzling yet organized set of house keys. Don’t forget which key goes where though! Keep a list with a legend to make sure everything’s in place.

Make marble art

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs Cover
Photo from Stories4All

You’d be surprised with what you could do with old polish. Marble a mug, ceramic bowls, or even your own artwork with this cool trick. All you need are some popsicle sticks, toothpicks, water, and of course — nail polish!

Give your shoes a makeover

Photo from Shareably

Got some heels with ugly, worn-out bottoms? We’ve all been there.  Refurbish your drab shoes by covering the bottoms with a fresh new coat of paint. You can even go for that faux-Louboutin look with a bold, vibrant red!

Decorate your phone

Photo from Easy DIYs

If you’ve got a plain old phone case and some equally old nail polish bottles, you can get artistic by painting on polka dots, stripes, or anything you want. It’s a great way to get rid of the old polish and show off your personality.

DIY faux crystals

Photo from Love Maegen

Spruce up your home with these splashy, stylish faux crystals. It’s probably one of the easiest DIY projects you can do; grab some crystals and directly paint any old nail polish color on the surface. The result can make the rocks look like a mix of amethyst, emerald, or even ruby.

PRO TIP: Clear nail polish works as a great laminate and quick fix. Use it to seal an envelope, close up small holes in your window screen, and laminate medicine bottle instructions and labels.

So think twice before you decide to throw out those old bottles — the uses are endless!


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