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5 Tips That’ll Make Gift-Giving Easier and Safer This Christmas in Quarantine

Because of quarantine, we’re going to need to let go of many traditions this holiday. However, not everything has to change. Giving gifts to the people you love is definitely still something you can do this season! But what is that going to look like in 2020? 

Here are some tips that will make gift giving easier, more productive, and safer while we spend our Christmases in quarantine:

Online Shopping is Your Best Friend

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Let’s start with the obvious one. While quarantine measures are easing up, going out to malls and shopping during the busiest, and therefore most crowded, time of the year can still be risky. So, get your online shopping fix by making use of the endless gift possibilities at the tips of fingers. You can even choose cashless transactions and have them deliver it straight to your loved ones’ houses for a complete contact-free gift-giving experience. Besides, more likely than not, you’re sure to find whatever’s on their wishlist online. It certainly beats spending hours finding the perfect gift for each person while you weave through crowds in the mall with tons of shopping bags in your hands. 

Support Small Businesses

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This quarantine, we’ve seen a surge in small local businesses, like Instagram stores for handmade jewelry and baked goods.You can even commission pieces of art or crafts from local artists for your loved one. Shopping from small businesses like these allows you to hit two birds with one stone: Not only will you be able to find unique gifts that your loved one probably won’t think to buy for themselves, but you will also be supporting independent entrepreneurs in these trying times. 

Don’t Give Up on Gifting Experiences

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Are you the kind of person that likes giving people a chance to experience something new or fun instead of material gifts? Well, just because giving someone a movie premiere or concert tickets isn’t something you can do right now, doesn’t mean you have to give up on it at all. Look up any virtual events and online parties that they might be interested in joining and buy them tickets for that instead. You can even pay for online courses and workshops that you know they’ll enjoy learning from!

Think: What Will Make Staying at Home Comfier for Them?

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If you’re feeling lost when it comes to gift ideas, brainstorming things that could make their space at home comfier – especially if they’re still working or studying from home –  while they’re stuck in quarantine is a great place to start. Whether it’s something practical like a neck pillow to help with their posture while sitting in front of a computer all day or something that will make them enjoy their space more like a piece of art or trinkets, they’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of ways to make quarantining a more pleasant experience for them. 

Look Back on Their Quarantine Hobbies

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Most people picked up new hobbies and skills this quarantine. So, getting gifts related to their new interests is a great place to start. Get your cousin who’s learned how to bake a cake piping kit or buy a herb drying rack for the friend who’s picked up gardening. These kinds of gifts don’t just show that you support their new endeavors, but also that you’re paying attention to what they’ve been up to despite the physical distance.

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