6 Common Cooking Mistakes That Ruin Your Food

Failures in the kitchen are inevitable, even when you’re a seasoned chef. Sometimes recipes don’t go according to plan, and nothing comes out edible. Avoid these common cooking mistakes so you don’t end up ruining your food.

6 Common Cooking Mistakes That Ruin Your Food
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Oversalting Food

Heavily salting your food is not only terrible taste-wise but is also unhealthy. Add a pinch of salt at a time and adjust until you’ve added enough. Remember that you can always add salt but can’t remove it.

Overcooking Vegetables

Blanching, stir-fried, and roasting are popular cooking methods for vegetables. But there’s a tendency to overcook them, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the cooking times. Also, some greens are better eaten raw, like lettuce and kale.

Undercooking Meat

One of the worst things you can do is serve undercooked meat. Thaw the portions beforehand and use a food thermometer to ensure it’s properly cooked inside. It’s equally important to let the meat rest before cutting into it to allow the moisture to redistribute.

Not adding texture

The flavor is essential when cooking, but you shouldn’t discount food texture’s impact on the overall quality of the dish. No one wants to eat plain mush, so you’ll want to add other ingredients that add a crunchy or chewy element to make it exciting.

Using the Wrong Pan

When cooking meat, use a grill pan or cast-iron pan to achieve that perfect sear. This is because it conducts heat better and can retain it for longer. Save your non-stick pans for quick dishes like omelets and pancakes.  

Following Recipes to a T

While having a recipe to follow is handy, it should simply serve as a guideline. Adjust it according to your taste and omit ingredients to suit your diet. And if you don’t have a specific item on hand, substitute it with something similar instead to save you from going on an unnecessary grocery trip.

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