7 Gift Wrapping Tips And Tricks We Found On TikTok

Are all your gifts wrapped and ready for Christmas? While you could always go the easy route and just place your items in a box or paper bag, there’s still something delightful about tearing through wrapped presents. No worries if you’re not an expert at gift wrapping, because we found tips and tricks on TikTok to help you out.

7 Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks We Found on TikTok
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Gift Wrapping for Beginners

For the people who have never wrapped a gift in their life, this is the video for you. The step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow and makes the task less daunting. Now get your wrapper paper, scissors, tape, and gifts ready.

Measuring Wrapping Paper

Take out the guesswork when measuring how much wrapping paper you will need with this trick. You won’t end up wasting a whole roll and use less tape for your presents.


Reply to @shaniacreations does this help? Slow version is on YouTube. One piece of tape on the bottom xx #wrappinggifts #giftwrapidea #fyp

? Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) – Clean Bandit

Gift Wrapping Without Tape

Have you ever tried wrapping a gift without tape? TikTok user @MakeLifeSimpler_ shows that it’s possible with the right folding technique.

Running out of Wrapping Paper

When you’re short on wrapping paper or mistakenly cut the wrong length, there’s a simple workaround to it. Have you ever thought of turning the gift diagonal and bringing the four sides inwards?

Wrapping Multiple Gifts in One Package

The Folding Lady has been making rounds on TikTok since last year with their tried and tested methods. Try making gift bags with your wrapping paper to fit multiple gifts in one package instead of buying the generic ones from the store. This also works well for oddly shaped gifts like stuffed toys.

Gift Wrapping Cylindrical Objects

You might have figured out how to wrap items in boxes, but what about cylindrical gifts like candles and bottles?  According to TikTok user @lizluxhome, double-sided tape is your friend when it comes to wrapping rounded gifts.

Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

Once you’ve mastered the basics of gift wrapping, level up your skills by creating a patterned wrap or adding a bow.


You’ll never want to go back to standard wrapping again ? #valentinesday #giftwrapping #giftwrappinghack

? Spring – Aesthetic Sounds

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