7 Online Tools to Level Up Your Work From Home Game

Sudden change can drastically affect your work quality – so we totally understand the adjustment from an office set-up to a work from home situation during quite a stressful time. We can assure that great team dynamic can thrive in a fully digital workplace! Whether you’re looking for means to have a successful e-meeting or improve your own work quality, here are our handpicked tools for the perfect WFH starter pack.


Photo from Slack

Constantly refreshing your emails can turn dull when you’re used to get your point across instantly from one desk to another. Slack is no stranger to successful digital nomads! This team communication platform is an awesome alternative to endless email threads and messy group chats. Its well-designed interface along with its organized channels allow for larger group discussions without the clutter. 


Photo from Zoom

Zoom makes staring at the blue screen all day much more human, allowing a friendly face to come through with its reliable video and audio conferencing. Invite up to 100 people for a conference or join a teammate for a co-work video session today!


Photo from Loom

Missing how easy it would be to approach a teammate for questions and clarifications? Loom is a screen recording tool that could save you more time in explaining something to a colleague. Save the browser extension, hit record, and send instantly.


Photo from OpenSource.com

When it’s time to gather around for a brainstorming session, this virtual whiteboard can save the day! Drawpile is a collaborative drawing program, hosting multiple users to draw on one canvas in real-time. 

Hemingway App

Photo from Pink Umbrella Books

Is this lockdown period getting you stuck in a writing rut? Meet your new digital editor! Hemingway App improves your grammar, sentence structure, fluency, and overall readability. Head on over to its site and make your writing come to life!


Photo from Canva

Loved for its accessible and user-friendly features, Canva makes creative design fun for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie wanting to get creative or a seasoned graphic designer looking for an instant fix, this app has got you covered. Enjoy countless of free layouts, icons, illustrations, and stock photos from artists all around the world! It’s also got a collaborative feature which comes in handy for creating team presentations too.


InVision | Digital product design, workflow & collaboration
Photo from Invision

This is the digital work place fit to create intuitive design. InVision’s prototyping feature allows designers to interact and create mockups in real-time. It houses tons of creative inspiration too, perfect for piecing the perfect mood board.

Step up your work from home life and share our favorite online tools to your team!

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