Accessories that Make Masks Bearable

Whether you wear a DIY mask, medical-grade mask, or reusable mask, what’s important is you wear them correctly. They shouldn’t cause breathing problems, covers your nose and mouth, and fit snuggly to your face to prevent droplets from escaping. It’s hard enough trying to navigate the new normal, so why not make it bearable with these mask accessories.

Ear saver

Wearing masks for long periods can be uncomfortable but not because it affects our ability to breathe. If the loops are causing tension and friction on your ears, having an ear saver will alleviate that. Just fasten them to the loops at the end of the mask then put on your mask like you normally would.

Mask accessories
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Nose Clip Bridge

If you constantly find yourself wiping at your fogged glasses or face shield, it’s probably because your mask doesn’t fit right. Doctor Aaron Hamilton of Cleveland Clinic suggests wearing a nose bridge to “keep warm air from exiting up to your glasses”.

nose clip
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Mask Bracket

If you use a cloth mask and don’t like the way it sticks to your face, a silicone bracket is a solution. It reduces friction between your skin and the fabric, making you less prone to breakouts or maskne. They also add more structure to your mask and creates extra space for breathing.

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mask frame
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Face Mask Chain

CDC strongly advises against pulling the masks below the chin or on your forehead. Find a chain on a lanyard to clip on your mask so it hands around your neck instead. It also doubles as a necklace accessory for those who want to add pizzaz to their look.

face mask chain
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Mask Filters

Most reusable face masks will have a little pocket where you can insert a filter. Having this extra layer of protection means your less exposed to airborne droplets as long as you stick to a PM 2.5 rating. These filters can easily be cut to fit any mask size.

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Face Mask Holder

Placing your masks just anywhere is unsanitary practice so having a dedicated holder will come in handy. They’re also convenient for storing extra face masks to keep in your bag or car. You can never be too prepared.

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These accessories will enhance your mask’s comfort and make your errands less of a hassle. Remember to continue wearing your masks for your safety and the safety of others.


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