Bid Bottles Goodbye with Human Nature’s First Dishwashing Powder

We’ve heard of shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and dissolving cleansing pods to lessen our use of single-use bottles. Aside from hygiene products, we also use dishwashing liquid every day in our kitchens to clean our plates, utensils, cookware, and other food containers. So how do we lessen the number of bottles (or sachets) that we accumulate from all the dishes we wash?

Human Nature just gave us an answer with their brilliant new product–the brand’s breakthrough dishwashing powder could clean and remove grease from our plates, minus the plastic waste we get from bottles of dishwashing liquid!

Bid Bottles Goodbye with Human Nature's First Dishwashing Powder

Photo: Instagram/humanheartnature

The new Natural Dishwashing Powder from Human Nature will not only help you save the planet but will save you money, too! Once diluted (better if with lukewarm water), the 75-gram powder makes a 1.5-liter liquid solution–which will save you a total of PHP 374.50 in comparison to Human Nature’s dishwashing liquid.

This innovative product lets you “get half the cost of dishwashing with triple the grease-fighting power.” It’s also the first locally-made natural and vegan dishwashing powder!

To use, simply scoop four tablespoons from the box and mix with 500 milliliters of water. Let it dissolve for 10 to 15 minutes, shake, and it’s ready to be used just like normal dishwashing liquid.

Human Nature’s first dishwashing powder costs P249.75 but it’s currently available for the introductory price of P224.75! You can now get it from their stores, website, and Human Nature product dealers.

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