Business Owners, Here’s Why Insurance is a Must During the New Normal

Running your business during the pandemic weighs plenty of risk in both the growth of your assets and the health of your employees. For businesses whose products and services are essential, the practice of social distancing demands for systems to adapt along the new normal – learning how to adapt to digital mediums and doubled delivery logistics.

Given that, it’s always best to look out for your employees because at the end of the day, no amount of profit can outvalue life. Here are few points to consider as to why your business needs to be insured during times of uncertainty.

Double demand, double exposure

Through on-again, off-again ECQ, MECQ, and GCQ whichever status it may be, the amount of essential goods to be delivered straight to people’s homes have reached an exponential demand. Even as your frontliners observe social distancing, exposure levels are still high, meeting the double demand of one delivery to the next.

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Potential spread to other team members

As select businesses have returned to distanced office set-ups, without regular swab testing, an asymptomatic employee can set a ripple effect and bring down the rest of the team. 

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No vaccine anytime soon

As the title suggests, the race of health facilities towards a vaccine is nowhere near being finished, with multiple clinical trials to be met. The rise of confirmed cases have not slowed down as well, reaching staggering heights daily.

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With that being expressed, ensure your business with the protection it needs – marking their 110th year in service, Insular Life is providing FREE insurance coverage to the first 110,000 qualified individuals who sign up here at Freebie MNL. 

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