Cheap ways to beat the blistering Manila heat

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Feeling the heat lately? Unfortunately, going on a summer getaway might not be possible or even safe for that matter, so it would be best to stay at home as much as possible. While you can turn on your air conditioner to keep yourself cool and comfortable, having it turned on all day can be very expensive.

However, there are economic ways for you to beat the blistering Manila heat. Try doing these things to help you chill out all summer long:

  1. Don’t cook in the oven. Using the oven will drastically increase the heat in your kitchen. Instead, plan cooking dishes that only use the stove, grill, or microwave.
Cheap ways to beat the blistering Manila heat
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  1. Reconsider your diet. This may sound a bit obvious, but a lot of people still eat hot and spicy food in the summertime. To help you cool down a bit, try eater lighter dishes like salads or chilled snacks such as sorbets or popsicles. 
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  1. Don’t towel off after your shower. While it’s a given that taking a shower can help you stay fresh and clean, try not patting yourself dry with a towel. Instead, dry yourself with an electric fan. Just make sure your door is locked so you don’t end up flashing anyone. 
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  1. Wear light colors. The general rule is that light colors reflect light, while dark colors absorb them. Hence, it might be best to steer clear of black clothing this summer season. 
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  1. Freeze your pillowcase. If it’s still hot outside as you head to bed, try putting your pillowcase inside the freezer for a short while. That way, you’ll end up sleeping on a nice, cool pillow.  
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These are only some of the cheap ways you can keep yourself chilled amid the summer heat. It’s all a matter of maximizing everything you have in order to stay comfortable. As the old saying goes, life is what you make of it. 

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