Check Out These Job Hunting Sites If You’re Looking For A New Job

There is no exact right time to quit a job because really, it all depends on the person. Some people might say that the best time to resign is tomorrow if you’ve already made your decision anyway, while some might answer with a specific month depending on different factors. 

However, a survey by Glassdoor cited the month of January as the most popular time to quit. It’s the month after the holidays, where employees are entitled to a 13th-month pay; It’s the time of the year where we’re thirsty for change because the new year usually entails new resolutions; And it’s somewhat considered a good month to look for a new job because like you, people are quitting their jobs. 

So if you’ve resigned recently, or are simply looking for a new job no matter the reason, here are job hunting sites you can check out. You might just find your next best opportunity in the following platforms: 


JobStreet is one of the leading online job boards in the Philippines so it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a new job. You can hunt for a job by specialization or by company, or you can simply type in keywords that you are looking for. The site also has a fresh look to make job hunting more appealing for you. 


Indeed is the most popular job-hunting site in the US, but Filipinos should still check it out because recruiters in the Philippines also post there. Since Indeed is popular outside the Philippines, you might just get an opportunity from an international company looking to hire Filipinos. Yay for remote work! 


Because LinkedIn is a place where fellow professionals can connect with each other, it’s only right that they also have a job-hunting platform. It also makes it easier for you to check out the company and its people because the job opening is linked to their profile. 


Because of its company reviews, you can get a better picture of the company you are applying for. From interview questions to salary reviews, Glassdoor will give you all that you need to know before you apply for a position at a company. You can also go to the company’s profile directly and check out their jobs tab if they have any openings. 


Kalibrr makes it easy for you to apply for jobs because your profile is basically your resume. Once you click apply, you will see your application in the company’s chatbox. As you progress, Kalibrr will track the process as the company continuously gives you updates. 

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