Creative And Absurd Uses For Adhesive Wallpaper

Redecorating your home can be done on a budget if you’re handy and can DIY things. With adhesive wallpaper, you could bring new life to your old furniture and items. Take a look at the creative ways you can use it, as well as the most absurd things people have wrapped with contact paper.

Low Budget Asahi Fan

Many aspire to get their hands on the Asahi Wooden Stand fan to match their other appliances. But at P3,555, it isn’t exactly cheap and there are more affordable options in the market. As a creative solution, cover the blades of the old fan with wallpaper using the same light wood shade.

Creative and Absurd Uses for Adhesive Wallpaper
Photo: Home Buddies/Ikuo Aitho Ono


Contact paper on battered cabinets and drawers doesn’t seem out of the norm. We don’t think we could say the same for a wooden-looking refrigerator. But if that’s what makes your #TeamKahoy heart happy, then, by all means, keep the adhesive wallpaper on.

Photo: Home Buddies/Josh Albert

Cleaning Tools

They initially bought the wallpaper for their light switches but had leftovers so they went ahead and covered their mop and broom as well. At least it blends in with the other items in their home. We wouldn’t be shocked if the vacuum cleaner was included.

Photo: Home Buddies/Kas Ogsimer

Remote Control

Even the remote control didn’t stand a chance of being covered in wallpaper. A useful tip if you want to do the same, remove the casing for easier installation. You wouldn’t have to worry about the buttons getting in the way and it won’t turn out looking like a mummy.

Photo: Home Buddies/Ghie M RC

Canned Goods

Tired of thinking about what to have for your next meal? How about covering your canned goods in contact paper. It adds a sense of excitement and an element of surprise not knowing what you might pick for lunch. Just don’t be disappointed if it ends up being sardines again.

Photo: Home Buddies/Geo Jane Gigje

The takeaway from these posts is that anything that’s an eyesore can be solved by slapping on contact paper. Throwing them out an item just because they don’t fit your current design preference would be wasteful, after all.


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