Declutter With These Closet Cleanout Tips From Kryz Uy

Decluttering your closet is not an easy task, especially when you have an attachment to your clothes or have a massive walk-in closet like Kryz Uy. A year into the pandemic and staying at home made her realize she could do without half of the items in her wardrobe, and she vlogged the whole process.

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As an OG fashion blogger, Kryz has accumulated an assortment of clothing throughout the years. And while it was nice having tons of options, it has come to a point where she sometimes can’t find some of her favorite outfits due to the volume of clothes. Here are some of the tips she gave on how to get rid of everything.

1. Follow the KonMari Method

By now, we’re all familiar with the phrase, “Does it spark joy?” Kryz follows the Japanese tidying consultant’s method for decluttering by removing everything from her closet. Then, she goes through the pile and chooses which pieces to keep based on how much they spark joy.

2. Pairing down

What made it easier for her to pair down her clothes was reminding herself that she didn’t need a dozen options for a similar piece. The hardest part is letting go of sentimental items like her wedding dress and garments she designed with other brands. In the end, she only kept clothes that made her feel good and confident and those that allowed her to get creative with her outfits.

3. Sell and Donate

Let your friends or family know that you’re decluttering in case they might want something you’re giving away. Unwanted clothes can be dropped off at donation centers or sold online if they’re in pristine condition. To shop for Kryz’s pre-loved items, check out her Instagram page @shopkryzzzie.

The whole process took a few days, considering how much she had to through — about 15 suitcases full! Kryz had some help from baby Scottie too, which made the ordeal less stressful at times.

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