Don’t Throw Your Old Planners Out Just Yet

Many plans for 2020 fell through due to the pandemic, which means there is a high chance you have an unused planner lying around somewhere. We didn’t expect to be quarantined for pretty much the whole year so there’s no need to feel bad about not letting it collect dust. Instead of throwing it out, here are ideas on what to do with old planners.

Change the Dates

Whether you bought it for yourself in hopes of getting your life together or it was given as a gift, a good planner shouldn’t be put to waste just because it doesn’t align with the current year. If you have a dated planner, the simplest solution is to cross out the dates or cover it up with cute stickers. You save money from having to buy a new one and save the planet by recycling something that otherwise would have ended up in the landfill— it’s a win-win.

Keep a Journal

While a planner is usually for jotting down important meetings, events, or daily schedule, it’s not the only thing they’re good for. Some people use it in place of a journal where they can make lists of things they’re grateful for, write about their day, dreams, or a quote that struck them. Do this regularly to develop a healthy mindset and get to know yourself better.

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Track Your Goals

Let’s face it – we probably won’t be going anywhere that isn’t the grocery store this year but that shouldn’t stop you from setting goals to achieve this year. You’re 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to achieve those goals when you have a visual reminder. Write it down or print out pictures and create a vision board and remember to check back on it now and then to see if you have made any progress.

Get Artsy  

You don’t even have to be good at arts to do this. Turn your planner into a place for random doodles, try your hand at water painting, or practice your penmanship. Some people still like receiving handwritten notes, believe it or not. Making collages or a scrapbook is also a great way to utilize those blank pages.

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