Easy Makeup Tricks for Your Next Zoom Meeting

In the past few months, the workplace has transformed into a new digital model where everything we do has moved online. Though there was a learning curve, doing business has evolved into video conferencing — thanks to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and most especially, Zoom.

As a huge chunk of the workforce says goodbye momentarily to the usual morning commute, many people now have a new routine that usually meant keeping appearances at the bare minimum. However, it is important to be at your most professional, even if the meeting is virtual. You can do that by applying a little makeup to add some glam to your Zoom look.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can do a few minutes before you go online.

Before anything else, hydrate the skin

To start out your look, always put emphasis on your skin. After washing the face, applying a hydrating moisturizer will prime your face and give it a great texture. Hydration can go a long way, as it can bring out your natural glow.

Do your routine in front of your webcam so you can audit

As you set up to start your makeup, go to the exact area where you will do your video meeting. Open your laptop’s camera and apply your makeup. This way, you will be able to see the actual lighting in the room and you can test how your makeup will translate to the screen.

Brighten your eyes and make it pop!

In a video conference, there will be emphasis on your eyes — so, it is very important that they do not look red and tired. The best tools to use for brightening the eyes are eyeliner and mascara. Using a dark brown on your eyelids is more than enough to define them. It is perfectly complemented by mascara for your lashes. With a high quality product, you can lengthen and thicken them to make the eyes look more alert and awake.

Use concealer to get rid of the dark and red areas

There are two things that cameras can pick up immediately: dark eyebags and redness throughout the face. That can be quickly resolved by patting some concealer under your eyes, in the sides of your nose, and at any part of the face with breakouts. The key here is to use the right shade for your skin tone and to master the art of blending.

Add some color to your face with some blush

No matter how HD your camera can be, the thing about video conferencing apps is that they tend to wash out the video quality. So, in order to remedy that, take the time to add on some blush to your cheeks — and even a little more than usual. Blush can help you avoid looking too flat and it can make you feel more alive! Just make sure to blend it well, so the overall look will be balanced.

Before You Go

Learning how to do some quick makeup fixes can be very beneficial to all the ladies in the corporate world. Knowing that this is now the new normal, it can be safe to say that holding meetings through video is something that you can expect for the weeks to come. No worries, though — by following these little tips and tricks, you can add some glam to your daily routine!


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