Eco-Friendly Tipid Tips for Homemakers

People often assume being more sustainable means spending more money on fancy, energy-saving technology or biodegradable products. In all actuality, being eco-friendly and saving money can go hand in hand.

Many people can get creative right at home! Here are a couple tips to run your household in a greener, cheaper way.

Reusable wipes with old cloth

Eco-Friendly Tipid Tips for Homemakers

Be kind to Mother Earth and ditch the baby wipes. Try cutting up your old clothes, or buy a stack of soft cloths in bulk, and fold them together into a container. You can then mix a concoction of water, baby wash, and coconut oil to serve as your baby wipe fluid! Use this to wipe your dog’s paws, your child’s hands, or to clean up messes. You’ll never run out of wipes because everything is machine-washable.

Bottles as sauce dispensers

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Photo from Redge Ganzon

We’ve seen what we can do with soju bottles, but did you know that bottles can also be used as sauce dispensers? Fill up your empty bottles with soy sauce, vinegar, or even oil and stick a dispenser pump on top for a simply chic new sauce dispenser. You can get creative and label them so you don’t mix up your sauces!

Cardboard boxes as storage containers

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Our online orders fill up our houses with more cardboard boxes than we’d like. Instead of shopping for new, plastic organizers, DIY one right at home! Grab an empty cardboard box and staple or hot glue a fabric of your choice on the box and marvel at your stylish new creation.

Old jars as food storage containers

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Photo from Harold Mendoza Facebook
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Photo from Harold Mendoza Facebook

PSA: don’t throw out your plastic or glass jars! You can still repurpose them to store the food in your kitchen, like sugar and salt, or even repurpose them to become pickle jars! Revamp your jar by sticking wood wallpaper on the lids to mimic real glass wood jars.

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