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Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

World Environment Day 2021 is taking place on June 5 with the theme Ecosystem Restoration. Host-country Pakistan will be celebrating several of its milestones, one of them being the completion of a billion trees for the 10 billion Tree drive and the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. You, too, can celebrate by doing these eco-friendly deeds.

Drop Items at a Recycling Center

Practice segregating your trash at home and dispose of them accordingly. Items like glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans can be recycled, whereas food waste can go into the compost. Local organizations like The Plastic Flamingo and The Plastic Solution accept online shopping parcels and recycles them into something useful.  

Learn to Upcycle

DIY-ing and upcycling have been a major trend during the pandemic. It’s a great time to get crafty and some have even turned this hobby into a business. Anything from clothes to old pieces of furniture and empty soju bottles can be given new life.

Volunteer at a Clean-up Drive

Whether you live in a coastal town or the city, you’re bound to find litter. Unfortunately, some people aren’t responsible enough to hold onto their trash until they see a bin. If there isn’t an ongoing clean-up drive in your area, make an initiative to pick up trash you come across.

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Say No to Single-Use Plastic

Refrain from using single-use plastic and opt for reusable items instead. For starters, bring an insulated water bottle with you wherever you go. You’re not only staying hydrated, but you’re also saving money. Check out these other eco-friendly products that everyone should use.

We spend most of our days indoors that sometimes we forget to appreciate nature. Do your part on World Environment Day by taking small actions that will help make the world a greener and cleaner place. Every step counts towards combating climate change and protecting the environment.

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