Enforce your own unique lockdown with this Quarantine Name Generator

Enforce your own unique lockdown with this Quarantine Name Generator
(Images: Nikada/Getty Images; Screengrab from Raims Cabrera)

A year has passed since we went into lockdown, and while we’re still miles away from feeling relief, at least our vocabularies have gotten a bit broader thanks to all the quarantine classifications that the government force-feeds its people. 

From “granular” to “surgical,” to “localized” and even a “circuit breaker,” there probably have been as many quarantine classifications as there are variants of the virus. And how better to poke fun at our government’s pompous acronyms than a random name generator?

The Philippine Quarantine Name Generator, created by web developer Raims Cabrera, does exactly what its name states: it randomly generates descriptive words to make your quarantine classification as confusing as possible. Art imitates real life, so they say.

Screenshot 49
Screenshot 48
Screenshot 47

It’s only now gaining traction on social media, but Cabrera actually created the random name generator all the way back in May 2020, at the height of the nation’s life under enhanced community quarantine. 

Speaking to Philstar Life, Cabrera said he just added more words along the way. Once the lockdown neared its unlikely anniversary, Cabrera added even more outrageous words, taking cues from local rapper BLKD’s tweet which also poked fun at the multiple community quarantine classifications. This is after the government announced that NCR, along with the adjacent cities of Rizal, Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna would be placed under the “NCR Plus Bubble.”

Of course, the random name generator was made simply in good fun, and not meant to burst the government’s “bubble.” No pun intended.

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