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Everyday Objects You Can Clean with Hand Sanitizer

By the look of things, the virus will be around for longer. The least people can do is maintain proper hygiene and follow health protocols like wear masks and practice social distancing to prevent spreading it further. It’s also important to carry with you hand sanitizers or rubbing alcohol whenever you go out, in case there isn’t a nearby restroom to wash your hands.

Aside from the obvious, there are other uses for hand sanitizers that people aren’t aware of. If you have a supply stashed at home, consider using it as a cleaning product for everyday objects. We hope you aren’t one of those people who hoarded when the pandemic started, though.

Phone Screens

We’re constantly touching our phones so it should be equally important that we clean the screens, too. Dab the sanitizer on a microfiber cloth and gently wipe it down.


If work from home, you’re probably on your computer the whole day which is why it’s a good idea to disinfect your keyboard with hand sanitizer the same way you would your phone screens. Likewise, your mouse and laptop’s touchpad should also get cleaned.

Home or Car Keys

Other everyday objects we handle are home or car keys. Wiping them down will not only sanitize them but also give it a quick polish.


Use hand sanitizer to remove fingerprint marks on your eyeglasses. You might as well clean the frame of your glasses and your face shield while you’re at it.

­Mirrors or Windows

It works the same way as it would on your eyeglasses. Doing this trick for all the mirrors and windows at home might not be practical though, so we’d recommend it for smaller surface areas like a vanity mirror or the fogged-up bathroom window.

Toilet Seats

This should go without saying to sanitize toilet seats, especially if you live with other people or are in a public restroom. Apply some on toilet paper and wipe down the surface. It may look clean but you could never be too sure.  

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