Five Side Hustles You Should Try for Extra Moolah

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With the price of basic necessities on the rise and paramountly increasing job insecurity, it can be challenging to make ends meet, and afford a comfortable lifestyle. Even if you do have a well paid full-time job, there’s nothing wrong with making extra money in order to finance the vacation you’ve always wanted to go on after the pandemic. Having an additional source of income can help you save for rainy days or simply fatten up your bank account. 

Whatever your motivation is, there are a lot of ways to generate some cash. If you don’t have a lot of capital at your disposal, here are some side hustles you can consider to make some extra moolah:

Sell your preloved items

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You can declutter your closet AND make some cash on the side by selling your pre-loved items. If you’ve got a ton of things such as clothes or shoes you don’t use or need, now’s the perfect time to let them go, and earn some profit. You can either open a Carousell account, sell on Facebook Marketplace or even start an Instagram business page.

Refer agents to possible home buyers

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Do you know people looking to buy a house? You can act as middleman and refer them to a trustworthy real estate agent. If things work out, and the transaction pushes through, you get a pretty sizable commission (depending on your arrangement with the agent, of course).

Start an online food business

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Have you been cooking more amid the quarantine? Put your cooking skills to good use, and share the calories by starting an online food business. You can start small by selling to your neighbors or posting ads on your village Facebook group. 

Flex your artistic side

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Do you have a hidden talent for crocheting or painting? Are you gifted in calligraphy? Monetize your gift by selling your pieces, and offering your services for commission. Not only would you have a creative outlet, you’d be earning money, too. 

Be a personal shopper

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Are you the one who’s tasked to do the shopping for the household? Make the shopping trip profitable by offering to shop for your neighbors for a modest amount of money. A lot of people are hesitant to go out so you can purchase their necessities for them. Just remember to disinfect the goods (and yourself) before handing them over to your customers. 

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We live in uncertain times, and there is no shame in hustling a little extra in order to provide for yourself and the family. Now’s the best time to venture out of your comfort zone to make money. Who knows? You might just find your true calling. 


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