Five Underrated Things People Will Miss Once the Pandemic is Over

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While we all miss the freedom of the ‘old normal,’ the ongoing pandemic hasn’t been all bad. If you put things into perspective, you will realize that although it has taken away a lot of life’s pleasures such as traveling, watching a film in a movie theatre, and partying with a lot of friends and family, the pandemic has also brought about some unexpected blessings.

As we embrace uncertainty and face the challenges of the pandemic and life in general, we should also take time to appreciate the positive consequences of this crisis. Here are five underrated things people will miss once the pandemic is over:

The commute

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Most people have had to urgently pivot to working or studying from home since the start of the pandemic. Hence, a lot of people’s daily commute has been cut dramatically. From enduring hours on the road, the only thing getting in the way of work or school is internet access. 

Going back to basics

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The pandemic forced people to be better stewards of money, and thus, helped more to prioritize ‘needs’ over ‘wants.’ It also helped a lot realize that it is exhausting, unsustainable, and unnecessary to spend on things you don’t need just to look cool.

The value of good health

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Before the pandemic, a lot of people have deprioritized taking care of themselves in pursuit of other things such as instant gratification from unhealthy eating habits. The pandemic has zeroed in the value of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to strengthen one’s immunity system. Health is indeed wealth. Plus, there’s a huge chance people will go back to old bad habits once the pandemic is over. 

Time with family

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Because people have been forced to stay at home as much as possible, families have had more time to bond and strengthen their relationships. Parents and children alike are getting to know and understand each other better. Love is spelled as T-I-M-E after all. 

‘Me’ time

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A lot of people started new hobbies or have renewed their passion for certain activities like reading or sketching amid the pandemic. Life used to be filled with so many social activities and people currently have had more time to slow down and enjoy some ‘me’ time. 

If you take time to reflect, you will realize that while the pandemic has taken a lot of things from us, it has also highlighted what truly matters in life. While things may be bleak, they also helped us appreciate what we do have. Until the day the pandemic is finally over, all we can do is try to keep afloat, and never lose the audacity for hope. In every crisis, there is an opportunity, after all. It’s all a matter of perspective. 

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