Full body pampering at home with luxuries that won’t break the bank

Hard work deserves to be rewarded, and arguably one of the best ways to congratulate yourself for a job well done is to indulge yourself. With all the time spent inside our homes, there’s no excuse not to spoil yourself from head to toe. Raid your pantry for the classic kitchen essentials or scoop up some spare cash to get the pampering started, bottles of wine optional.

For your hair

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Appropriately tagged as our crowning glory, our hair holds so much power that it can define a good or bad day. And while staying at home reduces the chances of a bad hair day, we may be prone to putting it up in a bun or combing it excessively that can result in damage. The good news is that you probably already have the solution to this hair woe–coconut oil.

The wonder oil has lots of uses, but its contribution in the hair care department is undeniable. Coconut oil can penetrate the hair and moisturize the dry areas, thanks to its lauric acid content. For a quick tress-booster, apply coconut oil directly to the dry, damaged ends. If you want a more intensive moisture treatment, get a spoonful of honey, beat an egg, and add them to coconut oil. Let the mask do its wonders for thirty minutes.

No coconut oil but have some extra bananas on your countertop? Mash them and apply to hair for shinier locks.

For your face

Facial care is one of the things that we routinely do, but how long has it been when you did more than cleanse, tone, and moisturize? Take advantage of this precious time at home with rich, homemade face masks that suit your skin needs. Get some antibacterial goodness from the golden honey or reduce your sebum production with good old plain yogurt. You may also mix these pantry essentials together for delicious-sounding concoctions such as The Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask and The Organic Banana Face Mask. That’s a sweet perk when you make your own natural face masks, they can be too good enough to eat!

If going the do-it-yourself route isn’t for you, sneak in some sheet masks on your next grocery run and apply the mask when you need an instant skin pick-me-upper. They contain specific ingredients that are targeted to your skin type and dilemma, plus they’re easy on the pocket. Tip: pop the package in the fridge a few minutes before usage for that added cooling sensation.

For your feet

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Our feet literally take us anywhere. And although right now they just take us between the rooms in the confines of our homes, they would benefit from a spa-like treatment too. Pour a generous amount of Epsom salt to warm water and sink your feet in the mixture to eliminate bacteria in the most efficient way possible. You can also choose to do a self-made minty soak consisting of the essential oils of sunflower, rosemary, and peppermint. Follow it up by removing all the dead skin and by softening any remaining rough areas with pumice. Finish the process by lathering on a thick lotion to moisturize your gams.

For your nails

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Our fingers and toes are our first points of contact to everyday objects so we might as well give them the TLC they deserve too. Remove old and chipping nail polish and trim your nails to your desired length and shape. When filing, remember to do so in one direction to avoid nail damage. Rub in some cuticle oil for added protection and luster, before finally applying nail polish. Go the minimalist route with shades of white/nude or go crazy with your color selection, it’s entirely up to you. This mani and pedi session will take care of your nails and their growth, plus resulting in a pretty, bright set of digits. Now who wouldn’t want that?

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