Get Your Pets Microchipped and Passport-Ready With Petdentity

Never lose your pets again with Petdentity’s special services! They offer microchip services and pet passports for your furry pal to ensure that all pets are registered and accounted for.

Microchips, which are small electronic chips enclosed in a glass cylinder, are injected into your furbaby much like how a vaccine or regular shot is used. The injection does not hurt your pet and needs no prior medication or anesthesia.

Afterwards, you can then update your pet’s information through the free mobile app.

Get Your Pets Microchipped and Passport-Ready With Petdentity
Photo from Petdentity Facebook

If ever your pet runs away and gets lost, any city vet, vet clinic, municipality vet office, or animal shelter can use a scanner to scan your pet’s chip and reveal his unique ID number.  The mobile app will then be used to scan the unique number, which will reveal your contact information.

In other words, your pet will be able to be safely returned to you!

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It’s important to note that microchips are not GPS tracking devices; they are at most, permanent IDs so your pet will always be identifiable if ever their pet tag is lost or destroyed.

Microchip services have been present in many developed countries like the US and UK for years and are luckily being offered here for low cost (only P299). Furthermore, microchips can last for decades, so you only need to get your pet chipped once for a lifetime of peace of mind.

If you travel often and would like to take your pet, Petdentity issues pet passports too! All you need to do is to make sure that your pet has an up-to-date rabies vaccination and you’re all set.

The pet passport can be used for both local and international travel and is a convenient document that compiles all of the necessary medical records and information your pet needs for travel.

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Photo from Petdentity Facebook

Petdentity offers pet passports for only Php499 plus Php150 shipping, a small price to pay for your pet’s travel docs!

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Make sure your information is always up to date, and you and your companion will have a smooth ride ahead. Check out the Petdentity website for more information.

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