Here’s how to pick a personal motorcycle helmet so you can book motorcycle taxis

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When Angkas and other motorcycle taxi services went back to business late last month, the commuting public was happy to have been offered another option. However, the resumption of these services came with one important condition: that the passenger must put on their own motorcycle helmet.

This is still in compliance with quarantine protocols in place and a means to minimize unnecessary contact between the passenger, the rider, and the dozens of other riders whom that driver has ferried throughout the day.

For most of us, it would be our first time to buy a personal motorcycle helmet, and that already makes the task frustrating. Nonetheless, don’t let this lessen your love for Angkas. We are here to help you choose the right motorcycle helmet suited for your motorcycle ride-hailing routine.

How many kinds of helmets are there?

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Image: Motorcycle Legal Foundation

Most motorcycle helmets fall under three types: half-helmets, quarter helmets, and full-face helmets. These are classified according to how much of our heads are protected. Half-helmets cover only the top of your head, quarter helmets cover up to the side of your chin, and full-face helmets cover your entire head save for the eyes.

Other helmet types exist for more experienced motorcycle riding, such as dirt biking, motocross, and speedway racing. But we know you just want a back-ride home from the office, so you should only consider those three.

Which helmets does the government allow?

Anything that safely guards your face against all that road pollution, dust, and debris is a suitable option, according to the COVID-19 task force. 

This makes modular helmets the ideal choice for both compliance and protection. Modular helmets are those that have hinged transparent face guards that swivel open to reveal your face. These come in three-quarter or full-face hybrids, depending on your preferred level of comfort.

Is protection the only thing to look for?

According to data, motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of head injuries by 69 percent and reduce the risk of death by road accidents by 42 percent. So to answer, yes, protection is paramount. Look for the DOT certification to make sure it underwent rigorous safety tests.

However, comfort should be a key part of your choice too — you wouldn’t want to have a nagging headache or deprive your brain of oxygen from a helmet that fits too tight, would you? 

Once you’ve decided on these two traits, it also won’t hurt to look for other safety features, such as a secondary polystyrene liner, ventilation holes (you can find these at the top, back, and sides of the helmet’s outer shell), and built-in LED safety lights, among others. Some are even equipped with Bluetooth!

This is why most riders recommend buying the helmet in person. Not only do you personally see if the helmet fits snugly, but you also get to choose among additional implements.

How much do motorcycle helmets cost?

This is probably the only question that matters, right? Luckily, frequent Angkas riders can purchase one through the motorcycle service’s partner stores via Angkas Pabili. Through the app, helmets are sold at a discount bringing the cost to somewhere between PhP760 to PhP2,636 apiece, depending on the kind and brand. 

You can also check out these great offerings from online marketplaces:

Lev3® Full-Face BJ-9930 Motorcycle Helmet (PhP2,477.98)

Image: Lazada

The Lev3 BJ-9930 is a full-face helmet with a race-tested ABS shell, dual-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) protection, and a fog-resistant meshed shield, suitable for rides under any weather type. 

Jiekai 105 Three-Quarter Modular Motorcycle Helmet (PhP1,999)

Image: Lazada

The Jiekai 105 features a flip-up modular design with an anti-fog and UV-protected guard. It also has a padded wind collar and an adjustable ventilation system to take on the heat and noise of city roads.

ZEBRA 959 Modular Motorcycle Helmet with LED Safety Lights (PhP2,399)

Image: Shopee

The ZEBRA 959 is a no-frills three-quarter modular motorcycle helmet equipped with LED safety lights so you can stay safe while riding home after a late-night shift at the office. 

Spyder Helmet Sling Bag (PhP599)

Image: Shopee

Is carrying a motorcycle helmet sullying your daily style? The Spyder Helmet Sling Bag lets you stow that hunky helmet so you can carry on through the day with ease. 

They might be a bit pricey, but consider motorcycle helmets a worthwhile investment and a small price to pay for your daily commutes amid the pandemic. 

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