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Here’s how you can help someone with anxiety

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people to become more stressed than usual, and this can really affect their performance at work. In fact, a study by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that anxiety disorders cost the world economy about $1 trillion in lost productivity every year, and this was prior to the pandemic.

While challenges are inevitable, there are ways for companies to help ease the burden on their employees’ shoulders. According to Entrepreneur.com, here are methods business leaders can try today:

  1. Jumpstart the conversation. Leaders within an organization play an essential role in increasing awareness about the anxiety the team is feeling. The more openly the topic is discussed, the more comfortable people will be in addressing the issue. 

You can try providing discreet check-ins to find out how people are really doing. You can also introduce scientifically proven tools such as a gratitude practice to reduce the anxiety in the team. 

  1. Free up their schedule. By being malleable about work hours and giving buffers for deadlines, you can help alleviate your team’s anxiety buildup. However, this flexibility could possibly lead to additional anxiety as well. 

It’s important that leaders are clear about the expectations they have of their workforce. This is to prevent additional stress from creeping in. 

  1. Level up your support system. As the pandemic continues, teams should continue stepping up the ante of the support system of their staff. 

Aside from offering emotional and mental support, companies should think of ways to try to ease their staff’s stress levels. This can come in the form of meditation programs and allowance for healthy food. 

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The pandemic and life, in general, can be tough for anyone. That’s why it’s important we work together to try to make life more bearable for others. As the old saying goes, we are stronger together. 


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