House-Related Superstitions Pinoys Believe In

Filipinos superstitions are heavily influenced by other cultures and beliefs, such as Feng Shui and Christianity. These are passed down from older generations and disregarding certain pamahiins are said to bring misfortune into your home.  You don’t have to believe these house-related superstitions, but there’s no harm following them, either.

Building a Home

The foundations of your home should have old books, coins, or medals of St. Benedict or St. Joseph. Having these objects buried under the structure is said to emanate intelligence, wealth, and protection, respectively, to your new home. If you have another level, the total number of steps should never be divisible by 3 to avoid death or misfortune. This is following the principle of “Oro, Plata, Mata.”

House-Related Superstitions Pinoys Believe In
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Moving in Ritual

On the day you’re moving in, the first things you should bring into your home are salt, rice, coins, and water. It’s believed to attract blessings of abundance and good luck. It’s also recommended to buy new a new broom and mop instead of bringing your old one with you, so you don’t “sweep in old troubles” from your last place.

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Mirror Placements

It’s not advised to place a mirror directly in front of a door — especially the front door — because this would deflect any good luck from entering your home. You shouldn’t have a mirror facing towards your bed either because it’s said to cause nightmares and disrupt sleep. This is from stems from the belief that mirrors are portals that connect to another dimension or the spiritual world.

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Lost Items

When things suspiciously go missing at home, Filipinos tend to point fingers at spiritual entities for hiding them. Praying to St. Anthony of Padua seems to be the solution for the religious. That’s because he is the finder of lost things and the saint of small requests. After a short but intentional prayer, their missing items show up in the most obvious locations that they’ve already searched.

Have you ever heard of some of these superstitions at home? While some strictly abide by these, it’s still up to you whether you believe in them or not. Maybe rearrange your furniture and see how it affects the flow of energy at home.

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