How do we keep our kids away from too much gadget use in these pandemic times?

Television, mobile, and video games have taken the place of playing outside and in groups for many kids these days. Who can blame them — bawal lumabas. Content on these devices is highly addictive and might leave an unfavorable impact on the child’s development. Are you wondering how to get them to set aside that smartphone? Here are a few easy techniques to keep your kids or younger siblings away from gadgets.

Set a good example

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Parents and older siblings are the first role models that a child has. If the adults also indulge in phones for long hours, the children are bound to emulate this habit of theirs. It is advisable for parents to stay away from phones as much as possible so that they have a good example to present. Leave your mobile, tablet, and laptop aside for a few hours every day. Use this time to spend time with your family and kids.

Protect using passwords or tracker apps

Technology itself is a solution to a wide range of problems. Always keep a tight security on all the gadgets by setting up passwords. Never key in your password in front of your kid. Also, a number of applications help parents to keep a track of their child’s phone usage. This can be in the form of alerts that appear after your child crosses the time limit you mutually decided on. Google Family Link is one of the most common apps to help parents track the child’s phone activity.

Introduce them to activities offline

Although most of us lead very busy lives, it is important to take the time out for bonding activities with children even just at home. Playing board games or engaging them along with you in activities such as cooking or gardening will keep them away from gadgets. You can also encourage them to pursue hobbies like listening to music, reading, or painting.

Make sleep a priority

It’s a good idea to require kids to keep off any kind of gadget about an hour before bed. It lets their bodies and brains unwind, enabling them to sleep better. Support everyone in the household to make a practice of powering down before sleep and enforce this rule by removing the phones from each bedroom–including your own.

Have them contribute to small house chores by making them fun

It might be a bit of a challenge at first to get kids to help out in keeping the household intact, but once you make it routine it will not only keep them off the gadgets, but also teach them the value of teamwork, plus, you’re home would stay spick and span more often! Gamify collecting the toys from the floor. Have them help you wash the car or garage by incorporating toys like squirt guns.

Make them aware

The vibrant colors and animations appearing on the smartphone screen appear attractive to children. Talk to your them about the harmful effects of mobile phone use on health. Show them charts or images that explain the various adverse effects or videos available on Youtube.

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