How To Declutter With The Masking Tape Method

There are several decluttering methods you can follow if you want to tidy up your space. From the KonMari method to Oprah’s closet hanger rule, the best way to go about it will still depend entirely on your preference. The masking tape method is another practical decluttering process you might want to try out the next time you’re housekeeping.

What is the masking tape method?

According to Apartment Therapy, the masking tape method is a “smart way to apply the ‘I don’t need this technique to your kitchen items.” No hiding, boxing things up, or removing items from their space is necessary. All you will need is a tape (washi, masking, or printer’s tape will do) and tag each item you infrequently use. This includes cutlery, plastic containers, and small appliances.

Why should you use the masking tape method?

Having this visual cue helps you assess which items still serve a purpose and which need to go. Moving forward, take the tape off an item you reach for. Sell, donate, or recycle everything that still has tape stuck to it after 6 or 12 months. You’ll be more intentional about the items you keep and free up precious real estate in your home.

Make decluttering the home easier

Apply the masking tape method to other areas in your home that need decluttering, like the bedroom, living room, or storage closet. It removes the guesswork around the items you hold on to “just in case” and ensures you aren’t getting rid of something you’ll later regret. You can make an exception for seasonal items like Christmas decorations and winter wear if you have any.

Whether or not you’re a minimalist, you should still make time to declutter and organize your home. Go back to this method whenever you’re overwhelmed with the mess and want to check your inventory.  


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