How to Establish a More Eco-Friendly Household

It’s hard to think of being zero-waste when you’ve got to do your laundry, shop for groceries, and keep your house clean at all times. While we try our best, it just doesn’t seem to ever be enough.

But no one ever said we had to be completely zero-waste. It’s an ideal, but not totally impossible. We can still strive to be eco-friendly with these little tips!

Freeze your organic waste — and then donate it!

For all of us who cook out there, constantly throwing out half full plastic bags of organic waste (egg shells, leftover rice, rotten veggies) can be disheartening. It seems that we can’t do anything about it unless we want our trash to smell and become maggot-infested.

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A good alternative is placing the plastic bag in the freezer and gradually filling it up. This way, the kitchen scraps do not decompose, attract bugs, or smell. By the time it’s full, you can begin composting it for your plants or even donate it to those who need compost!

Learn how to properly store your greens

This one only takes a quick Google search, but did you know you could extend the life of your greens for up to 4 weeks if you store them correctly?

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For herbs like cilantro and parsley, you can actually trim the ends and place them in a glass of water in the fridge with a Ziploc bag on top. Make sure to leave the bag open. Leafy greens can also be wrapped in paper towels or cloths and placed in the fridge to prolong its life. Carrots can be submerged in water in a class container.

Food waste makes up a huge part of the world’s problem, but you can choose to curtail it by using these few tips!

Switch to eco-friendly everyday things

Many stores out there (hello and now offer “green” alternatives to things we use everyday.

Aside from taking the reusable tote bag on your grocery runs, you can also start using mesh produce bags at the market to reduce plastic waste.

Using homemade chemical-free cleaning products is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to store-bought cleaners.

If you can’t do that, visiting refill and bulk stores with your own containers is also great way to start your almost zero-waste journey.  Bamboo products, reusable cutlery, reusable coffee filters and tea bags, and beeswax wrap are just some of a whole category full of items you can use to live a more sustainable life.

Utilize organizations that make being eco-friendly easier

And for all the waste we can’t avoid, such as plastic food packaging and the like, there are some good organizations out there willing to tackle the problem for us.

The Plaf collects rinsed and cleaned plastics to recycle into building materials for homes and shelters.

Green Haven Scrap Materials will also take your “trash” like glass bottles, used beverage cartons, cardboard boxes, and newspaper for recycling.

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Photo from Green Haven Scrap Materials

So although it seems like being zero-waste is a daunting task, it’s actually quite simple if you’re willing to take the small steps. There are still whole other lists of tips and tricks you can pull off to keep your home eco-friendly and sustainable, so sit down and get to looking!

Your “green” life starts with you. 

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